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Since establishing our first hotel school in 1982, we have developed an alliance of world-class hospitality management schools. Our core educational values are based on the excellence of the Swiss hospitality tradition, with a strong focus on the practical aspects and soft skills of hotel management.

We have five schools situated in seven stunning campuses in both the French and German-speaking regions of Switzerland. There are currently more than 6,500 students from over 110 different nationalities, who will all go on to be a part of our alumni network, one of the largest hospitality management alumni networks in the world.

We offer a unique range of academic courses accredited by British and US universities. Courses are available at diploma, bachelor and master level with a variety of specialisations on offer. Students can choose to specialise in such areas as hotel design, business, events management, finance, human resources, and marketing, amongst many others. Faithful to the tradition of Swiss hospitality management, programmes combine academic study with practical experience and each student undertakes two internships during their studies.

Our close ties with industry partners of global importance ensure that the quality of the academic courses meets the requirements of hospitality employers. All students also have exclusive access to our bi-annual International Recruitment Forum, where over 130 industry partners are present each year. Each one of our schools offers an exceptional student experience.

The Workshop

“Tomorrow’s Hospitality Leaders” are a series of educational workshops run by the Swiss Education Group throughout various countries aimed at connecting professionals of today with the leaders of tomorrow. The workshops vary in content and theme and are structured to be very hands-on and involved for both the presenters and the attendees. All attendants receive certificates of attendance that can be used on their CVs and the learning outcomes benefit both the attendees and the presenters.


The workshop will take place at Electra Metropolis Hotel in Athens. The date is:

  • 28th November 2018, 16.00 – 18.30 (High school students)
    Registration deadline: 25th November 2018


The ever growing, changing and demanding world of Hospitality Management has increased both the prospects and the demands hospitality businesses have from their employees. The aim of the workshop is to further educate prospective students, and therefore future professionals, of the true challenges and opportunities that are encased in this profession through their engagement of projects and challenges with managers on the field. This workshop is aimed at high school students interested in pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management.


In the past it has been proven that these workshops are a gain for all parties involved. Students usually re-confirm to themselves that the world of Hospitality Management is a perfect match for them and also, for those who are not sure, these workshops help a great deal in the decision making process. We have also seen General Managers gain from the workshop in many ways, as going back to the classroom usually helps our innovative side after touching base with the younger generation. Also, many ideas, solutions, and conclusions can surprise the managers and they have used them in practice in the past.

The challenge

For the “The Challenge” workshop, presenters showcase their positions, their companies, and present a challenge or challenges that they are facing in their workplace. Students are randomly separated into groups and mentored by the presenter over a 1.5 hour time frame to present solutions to the challenges. Students will then present their challenge resolutions and ideas to the remaining groups before students and guests vote for the top group. The leading group will be awarded a flight ticket to Switzerland to attend one of our Open Days.

Presenting the Challenge

The managers will conduct a 10-15 minute presentation that will entail their job highlights and responsibilities, their company, and a few words about themselves. The managers will be requested to create a presentation that will highlight a challenge that they face in their operations as a manager. This challenge could reflect one or many sectors of the business from HR management to marketing and sales, all the way to operational staff. It is best that the challenge is limited in order to be able to tackle them within the framework.


Students will be randomly split into groups and will be assigned to each manager. The managers will mentor, but not give answers to, the students while they work with their team to resolve issues. It is common to see teams split responsibilities depending on their expertise and/or know how and very interesting to watch them come together and work with unknown peers under the eye of a manager. The students will have to come up with a presentation of approximately ten minutes to showcase their solution.


Teams will then present their ideas and resolutions to the guests and teams and will be voted for based on their innovation, structure, presentation skills, and applicability of their conclusions to the real-world workplace.


Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded. Following the event, we will have an informal cocktail reception to better acquaint ourselves with each other and mingle with the students. Parents are more than welcome to join us at this stage.

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